Researching fractal structures, and how they affect sound/light wavefronts, we might be interested in looking at it from the perspective of transforming the sound signal into light, and vice versa. For instance, say we obtain a signal of certain frequency, we output it through the LED and collect that output with a photo-resistor. Then, through a simple circuit consisting of the photo-resistor itself, the amplifier, and the dynamic, which gives us the sound signal of the same frequency as the one we collect from LED. However, the amplitude of the signal will be different because of amplification. What may be useful for our research is that we could send a light signal into a fractal structure first, and then, collecting it with a phototransistor and transforming it into the sound output, we could see how the signal is affected after interacting with a fractal structure. We could also go the other way around, sending a sound wave into the fractal structure, and transform it into a light through a circuit consisting of a microphone, and some kind of a converting device I am not sure about:) And, of course, and LED or a lamp or another device for the light output. This is a realm of physics which is currently being explores in such areas as data communication, particularly through fiber optic cables, such as TOSLINK. The related web articles are posted under the category “Ligh->Sound->Light Through Electronics”.